Innovative Unique Learning Style

The Little CodeLab Way

Teaching Methodology

Our teaching philosophy focuses on training students in technology using a wholistic developmental process. Considering this, our choice of course offering, curriculum and instructional method is designed to incorporate a variety of learning methods to build soft skills and technical skills. Our teaching philosophy is reflected and solidified by The Little CodeLab Way, which features a balanced approached of on-device and off-device learning experiences.

Teaching Philosophy

Considering that most technology courses are taught ineffectively with a single dimensional device-reliant approach, our teaching methodology however emphasizes on developing both soft skills and technical skills of our students. Therefore, The Little CodeLab Way of teaching incorporates multiple learning styles to train our students in becoming proficient technicians, presenters and collaborators.

Our teaching methodology focuses on four modern learning styles and structure to maximize the understanding and mastery of concepts, skills and knowledge presented to our students:

(a) Flipped Learning
(b) Interactive Learning
(c) Discovery Learning
(d) Shared Learning

In addition, our teaching methodology uses two supplementary learning styles to enhance the learning experience of our students of varying proficiency and international backgrounds:

(e) Flexi Learning
(f) Maker Learning

Classroom Management Philosophy

Our classroom management philosophy is based on the following core values:

  • Mutual Respect and Attention
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Motivation and Reward